Licenses to Grow Medical Marijuana Should Not Be Awarded by Lottery, Lawsuit Argues


Coleen Whitfield.

There’s a legal challenge over how licenses might be doled out for growers cultivating a special, high-CBD strain of medical marijuana, which doesn’t make users high and which has already been approved via state law.
Two Florida plant nurseries have sued to replace a proposed lottery system with a more rigorous, merit-based approach.

The Department of Health’s Office of Compassionate Use proposed a lottery method of awarding grow licenses — one in each of five regions of the state — in July, after the low-THC Charlotte’s Web strain of marijuana was legalized in Florida. If Amendment 2 passes (get out and vote!) and more strains of marijuana become available for medical use, the lottery winners’ licenses could explode in value.
Broward-Palm Beach New Times has the full story.