Marijuana Poll Showing Unhappiness Over Legalization Embraced by Anti-Pot Activists


Anti-pot activists have embraced a survey showing that the majority of Coloradans are unhappy with marijuana legalization even though other analyses find exactly the opposite. The latest poll to address this issue comes from Suffolk University. The results are synopsized like so: Colorado voters may be having second thoughts about the legalization of marijuana. A slight majority of voters (50.2 percent) say they do not agree with the decision to legalize recreational marijuana in that state — a decision made by voters in 2012 — while 46 percent continue to support the decision. Nearly 49 percent do not approve of how the state is managing legalized pot, compared to 42 percent who approve.
Approximately four seconds after these results were made public, the folks from Project SAM, a group that opposes cannabis legalization, weighed in.

“We have always believed that when voters were given the facts about marijuana, the marijuana industry, and the failings of commercialization, they would oppose legalization,” Colorado SAM chairman Bob Doyle said in a statement. “It is unfortunate Colorado has been the lab rat of the marijuana industry, but we’re confident legalization will only be temporary as opposition to legalization grows and our education of people across the state increases.”
Yes, they are still pushing the “lab rat” thing. Read more over at the Denver Westword.