No, Texas is NOT Allowing Medical and Recreational Pot


Sorry Texas, but the article going around proclaiming that Gov. Rick Perry is signing a recreational and medical pot bill into law on September 29 is fake. The Texas legislature isn’t even in session until January 13, 2015.

There is no HB 2412 that will legalize pot. You won’t be able to light up at “certain sporting events, concerts and other outdoor facilities may permit the use of the drug at their discretion”.
Yes, is a satire site, as if the “Niki Minaj Admits Cakes are Fake!” and “Obama Administration to Forgive All Federal Student Loan Debt!!!” headlines weren’t telling enough.
While the NewsBuzzDaily piece is fake, it’s about time the Lone Star State really gets with the times. After all, a state that so firmly believes in individual’s rights should support the right to put a substance in their bodies that is far safer than the booze that already flows so freely in Texas.