Pennsylvania Cops Destroy 8-Foot Ganja Plant Growing in Plain Sight


Lancaster City Police.

Cops in Lancaster, PA aren’t all that good at their jobs. After all, a cannabis plant was able to grow to about eight feet in front of someone’s house and it took an anonymous tip before they were even aware of its existence.
And, apparently, this happens a lot.

Lancaster Online caught the story as it came over their radio. Apparently the bush was so big they needed to call into dispatch to have a chainsaw sent out. Cops managed to chop her down and send her to the county incinerator where she went down in a blaze of stoney glory.
It’s sad, too, because it was likely only a few weeks away from finishing and we have no doubt that at least a few neighbors were hoping to increase their head stashes with some free, publicly grown marijuana.
No charges were filed against anyone, as cops couldn’t figure out who had planted the herb.
Cops in Lancaster say this happens often. This past weekend they found another plant, that one about six feet.