Seattle Tossing 66 Public Pot Use Tickets Written by Crooked, Anti-Pot Cop


Update – 9/15/2014: The City of Seattle has thrown out about 90 tickets for public marijuana consumption written by one single cop with an anti-pot vendetta against the city attorney. Ironically, it was that same city attorney, Pete Holmes, that threw out the tickets.
“The police do not write the laws. They enforce the laws,” Holmes said at the hearing. “You can’t be a legislator out on the street.” Read the original story below.

Original Story – 9/15/2014: Last month, we told you about Seattle cop Randy Jokela
, who single-handedly wrote about 80 percent of the city’s public marijuana use tickets since the start of the year in a one-man crusade to keep marijuana prohibition alive – all seemingly to spite pro-pot City Attorney Pete Holmes.
Well, Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole has joined in the discussion, and has asked the city attorneys to dismiss every single one of the 66 citations issued by Jokela because “the tickets were issued for the wrong reasons.”
As we wrote in August:


Jokela was responsible for 80 percent of the 82 marijuana-related citations issued between January 1 and June 30 of this year – with 37 percent of those tickets going to blacks and about half going to the city’s homeless. To say he was still abusing his power is an understatement.
Apparently this asshole wasn’t just writing tickets, he was being antagonistic and a general dick while doing it. On some tickets he requested the attention of pro-cannabis Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes and called Holmes “Petey”. Other times he would flip a coin in front of the likely black and homeless person he was citing as a way of deciding whether or not to write a ticket. On at least one occasion he called the new laws that he is paid to uphold “silly”.
Smoking cannabis in public is illegal in Seattle, but Jokela was taking his enforcement too far and undermining the will of voters who asked that cops make cannabis enforcement a low priority. Jokela must have taken that to mean “hassle the homeless and minorities”. As he wrote in one ticket:

“D was sitting on ledge in the middle of Occidental Park. D was sitting next to another male + both were smoking marijuana out of a blue colored glass pipes. D lost the coin flip, so he got the ticket while the other person [possibly “perp”?]walked. D was allowed to keep his pipe. *ATTN: PETEY HOLMES*”

Jokela is also facing a three-day suspension from work. His supervisor, Sergeant Ryan Long is also facing a suspension for his role in allowing Jokela to continue with his personal vendetta.