Tennessee Man Butt-Dials 911, Gets Arrested for Pot


Redrum0486 at English Wikipedia.

Butt-dialing on a cell phone used to be much more common back when buttons actually existed on cell phones (like the one above). These days, you’ve got to have an old-school phone or really try to accidentally call someone from your pocket – except for 911, which a lot of phones have as an auto-call feature with the idea being that you don’t need to be unlocking someone’s phone to call for emergency help.
It seems that 25-year-old Grant O’Connor of Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee. discovered that the hard way this week after accidentally calling the cops and getting himself arrested for weed.

Apparently O’Connor was out for the night on Friday when he accidentally called 911 in the middle of a conversation about getting stoned and going to his dude’s house to get some more herb. With seemingly little else to do in their tiny little town and no real criminals to go after, the cops traced the call to a local Mexican food restaurant. When cops showed up, O’Connor and his date were leaving in her car. No word on how they knew it was O’Connor specifically or if they knew what car she drove – and if they gleaned all that from the data of one accidental phone call or something O’Connor said on the call itself. Either way, they stopped the car for not having a working taillight.
During the search, cops found a “small bag of marijuana” and some paraphernalia under the passenger seat. O’Connor took the heat and was arrested for simple possession. O’Connor said afterward that he had no clue he had dialed 911.