Urban Dictionary for Pot? Ten Definitions From Ganjapreneur’s Marijuana Slang Site


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The Ganjapreneur website wants to put words in your mouth: Its new Marijuana Slang Dictionary aspires to be the Urban Dictionary of pot jargon. The page is too new to have much user-generated content, but the starter set of definitions is amusing in and of itself — especially usage samples that will make you feel stoned while reading them whether you are or not. Check out the most memorable, video-illustrated for your enjoyment.

“Carb Cap”

Used in dabbing, a relatively new form of weed-smoking where you put concentrated weed onto a nail (hot surface), and then smoke the vapors. The carb cap fits over a nail and allows you to vaporize a full hit at a lower temperature. This lets the weed keep its flavor, since the part of the cannabis responsible for its taste changes when it gets too hot.
“That weed was tasty. Thanks for the carb cap, bro. It worked great.”
“If you’ve never seen one of these before, it’s called a carb cap. My ancestors invented it, because being historical makes you smart.”
“Don’t come back until you apologize and replace my broken carb cap, you mooch — unless you’ve got like an ounce of some really dank herb you wanna share, of course.”


When you’ve finished your bowl. People disagree on when exactly a bowl is cashed. Some say it’s as soon as the weed starts turning black, whereas others say it’s when the weed has basically been turned into ash. Now it’s taken on a much broader meaning. Basically, it has now become a synonym for the word “finished.”
“How long have we been smoking, man? This is the fifth bowl we’ve cashed today.”
“When I become a business tycoon, I’m not going to tell people they’re fired. I’ll tell them they’re cashed. That’ll be cool, right? I’ll totally get my own reality show.”
“Hey Mr. President, do you wanna hit? Oh, nevermind, this bowl is cashed.”

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When the nug in the bowl stays lit without the use of a lighter. It therefore is “cherried” because it looks as red as a cherry. This often happens for one of two reasons. One, the bowl has already been passed around a couple times. Or two, the weed is particularly dry when you light it early on.
“You don’t even need the lighter. You can just hit it. See? It’s cherried.”
“Lisa and John are smoking weed in the garden shed: look, you can see the glow from the cherry!”
“My throat, it burns… here, take this pipe away from me. It’s cherried really hard right now.”

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