Adrian Peterson Admits to Smoking Pot on Bond, Prosecutors Want Him Arrested


Adrian Peterson, running back for the Minnesota Vikings and accused child abuser, is finding himself in more hot water this week after admitting that he has smoked “a little weed” while out on bond. Now prosecutors in Montgomery County, Texas, where the charges of negligent injury to a child were filed, are seeking his arrest.

Peterson is out on bond while he awaits trial, but part of his bond conditions are that he is regularly drug tested. This week, Peterson went in for a drug test and allegedly told the employees that he had smoked some herb. It’s not known whether he failed the pee test or not, but prosecutors say that doesn’t matter.
“In light of this statement, and the fact that it was made during the urinalysis testing process, and the term ‘weed’ is a common slang term for marijuana, the State urges the defendant has smoked marijuana while on bond for the current offense,” according to court documents.
Peterson could now face arrest, or the judge could simply raise his bond.
Which probably wouldn’t do much to hurt Peterson, who is still raking in all $11.7 million of his salary despite not being able to play or even practice with the Vikings.
If convicted of the child abuse charges, Peterson could face up to $10,000 in fines and two years in prison. He has maintained that he was merely disciplining his son by whipping him with a switch.