Cannabis Supporters Take One Final Shot at Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton


As the television camera lights shine on Pat McLellan’s face, he holds up a set of four sheets of paper, each a signed pledge from a gubernatorial candidate saying that they support expanding Minnesota’s medical cannabis laws.
He takes a breath, then spreads the papers out across the podium in front of him. They’re all here, he says. GOP candidate Jeff Johnson. The Independence Party’s Hannah Nicollet. Libertarian Chris Holbrook and Grassroots Party candidate Chris Wright. But one’s missing: incumbent Mark Dayton.

McClellan, who has muscular dystrophy, speaks at the podium on behalf of Minnesotans for Compassionate Care, the organization that sent out the pledges. And while every other candidate has signed the pledge, matching with the organization’s goals to expand Minnesota’s cannabis law to thousands more people, Dayton refused.
It was the last straw for the group.
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