Colorado Official Recommends Banning Nearly All Marijuana Edibles


“We want the general public to be able to tell a marijuana cookie from a Chips Ahoy cookie just by looking at it.”
That’s the intent behind the edible work group currently hashing out recommendations for future edible packaging. And one recommendation submitted yesterday would solve that problem by eliminating pot cookies entirely from the landscape. Eleven recommendations were submitted yesterday by members of the edibles work group regarding how to regulate recreational cannabis edibles in the future.
By far the most extreme recommendation came from Jeff Lawrence of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, who suggested that Colorado completely ban all production of any retail cannabis products except for simple lozenges or hard candies — and, oddly, tinctures, which “users can add to their products at home” to create their own (unpackaged, unmarked, unregulated) edibles.

“While this recommendation has not been discussed with other working group members, it is understandable and expected that industry representatives will be a dissenting voice,” part of the document reads. “However their investment in the development of these products does not have to be lost. All edible products being produced could also be produced as a traditional food product (without marijuana) and marketed to the general public and not just in Colorado.”
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