Columbia, Missouri Council Member Wants to Decriminalize Pot Cultivation of up to Two Plants


Barbara Hoppe, council member from Columbia’s Sixth Ward, introduced legislation earlier this year that would allow people to grow up to six plants at home. Those without a medical recommendation from a doctor would face a $250 fine and the confiscation of their plants if busted. Medical patients wouldn’t face any penalties. That plan saw a lot of scrutiny, so Hoppe has rewritten her bill.
Her new plan, introduced this week and set for a hearing at the October 20 council meeting, allows for only two plants to be grown in a locked area and would allow medical patients to designate growing to a caregiver.

If approved, those with cancer, MS, HIV, AIDS, glaucoma, migraines, arthritis, severe pain and several other conditions to legally grow in their homes with a doctor’s recommendation.
The move has support so far from the Columbia Disabilities Commission, which supported the move as a way to increase access to affordable forms of medication for patients.
But of course, there’s opposition. Councilman Dan Rader, who owns a bar and yet sits on the city’s substance abuse advisory council, said he was concerned that the law would “create a lot of confusion” and is a matter for the state legislature and not city council.
Columbia City Council will take up the matter at it’s Oct. 20 meeting.