Florida Pro-MMJ Backers Send Cease-and-Desist Letter to TV Stations to Pull Anti-Pot Ad


Recently, television stations have been airing an ad from anti-medical marijuana group No on 2 titled “It’s Nuts.” The ad claims, among other things, that voting yes on Amendment 2 will legalize pot and that kids will be able to get weed on their own “without their parents’ permission.”
In response, United for Care has sent a cease-and-desist letter to every television station that is broadcasting the ad, claiming the 30 second ad is misleading and false. Federal law says that the FCC has the responsibility to prevent commercials that spew illegitimate claims from airing.

The ad shows different people with concerned looks on their faces telling viewers that voters should not vote yes because Amendment 2 “is a trick.”
“It’s not about compassion,” one man in the ad says. “It’s just about legalizing pot smoking.”
The ad goes on to say that medical marijuana would not be “just for serious diseases” and that there would be “no parental control.”
“The latest No on 2 advertisement showcases the ‘greatest hits’ of all the falsehoods medical marijuana opponents have perpetuated throughout the campaign,” Ben Pollara, campaign manager at United for Care, said via a news release on the cease-and-desist letter. “If medical marijuana opponents want to try to scare Floridians and run a completely false advertisement, they will be held accountable.”
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