Major Miami Drug Gang, Big Money Team, Busted


Evan Amos/Commons.

A joint effort by the U.S. Attorney Office of South Florida, the Miami Police Department, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives resulted this week in the arrest of 21 members of a gang known as the Big Money Team.
The gang operated in the Little Havana and Allapatah neighborhoods and had their hands in everything from guns, crack cocaine, Molly, marijuana, and prostitution to armed robberies, assaults, car jackings, and intimidating locals. And yes, they had some sweet nicknames.

Ranging in age from teens to early 30s, the gang used intimidation techniques to control the neighborhoods all while bragging about their exploits on social media.
Seventeen men were named in the indictment.
Maurin Chacon a/k/a “Tiny,” a/k/a “Peludo,” a/k/a “Yung Patron,” 27;
Christopher Altamirano a/k/a “Tango,” a/k/a “”Peter Baitz,” 22;
Rodolfo Portela a/k/a “Papo L. Desperado,” 29;
Dayaan Zerquera a/k/a “Dsbf BMT Kid,” 24;
Raymond Moore a/k/a “Flaco,” a/k/a “Dinero Banks,” a/k/a “Young Gunna,” 22;
Alioth Salas, a/k/a “Ali,” 27;
Luis Salas a/k/a “Chico Black,” 22;
Christian Ramirez a/k/a “Joker,” 31;
Joseph Thompson a/k/a “Joe,” 29;
Carlos Tinoco a/k/a “C-Lo,” 22;
James Dixon a/k/a “Smoke,” 20;
Steven Castro a/k/a “YM Stevo,” 23;
Dwight Forte, 22;
Jay Anthony Flores a/k/a “Jay Gambino,” 19;
Joel Diaz a/k/a “Borie,” a/k/a “El Paisa,” and a/k/a “Buom Clock,”
25; Fernando Roberto Darce a/k/a “Bonesz,” 20;
Mario Balboa, 29.
Balboa, Diaz and Salas are still at large. The rest have been arrested.
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