Ohio Man Lights Up Bong after High Speed Cop Chase


Put yourself in this situation: you’ve just driven across state lines while running from the police when your car skids out and rolls several times into a ditch. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you land upright?
“Oh damn, I’m screwed,” seems most likely.
But one Ohio man clearly thinks differently. He lit up his bong and toked a few while waiting for cops to drag him from the car.

According to the Monroe News, Dundee, Ohio cops say they were chasing a suspect through Ohio into Michigan when the brown Buick lost control at high speeds (115 mph). The guy inside wasn’t injured at all, though.
When cops came over to drag him out of the car, he was lighting up his bong and taking what we assume will be his last hits of weed as a free man for some time. The man wasn’t identified, and is currently in the Monroe County Jail where we bet his buzz has worn off.