Philadelphia Mayor Officially Signs Decriminalization Measure


Hey, Philly! Starting October 20, you can walk around your town with 30 grams of pot or less and light up a doobie and not worry about being arrested (for the most part).
Mayor Michael Nutter yesterday officially gave final approval a law decriminalizing about an ounce of herb, with a maximum fine of $25 for possession. Getting caught smoking herb in public will get you a $100 fine or community service.

The change is welcome, for sure. But you can still be arrested if you’ve got more than 30 grams, if you get caught selling or distributing it or if you don’t show an ID when a cop busts you. You also can’t grow it, though that hasn’t stopped anyone from procuring cannabis for the last 50 years in that town.
Under the current (and soon to be changed) laws, possession of 30 grams or less is a criminal offense with up to $200 in fines and mandatory drug abuse courses.
According to HuffPo, Philadelphia is now the largest city in the U.S. with decriminalization laws on the books.