Richard Stulz, County Attorney Going After Medical Cannabis Mom, Is Running Unopposed


Do you think Richard Stulz, Lac Qui Parle County attorney, is doing a good job spending taxpayer dollars by going after Angela Brown, the mother who gave her son medical cannabis to treat a brain injury? (Editor’s note: No, you probably don’t).Apparently, other attorneys in Lac Qui Parle County are apathetic about that question, as according to the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website, Stulz is running for reelection without opposition this year. Stulz was present in Montevideo yesterday for Brown’s hearing, but he didn’t actually enter the courtroom. That’s because he’s delegated Brown’s prosecution to one of his assistants, Brown says.
“He threw her to the wolves, and he’s out in the hallway,” Brown adds, referring to Stulz’s assistant. “That was awfully spineless of him.”

During the hearing, Brown’s lawyer refused an offer to settle the case, meaning it appears the matter is headed for trial.

Richard Stultz has no sense of compassion.

Brown tells the Minneapolis City Pages she’s open to pleading guilty to lesser charges, but won’t plead guilty to child endangerment.
“I will agree to having had a product with THC in it in my possession, but I refuse to agree to child endangerment,” she says. “That’s not endangering him. Yes, if I had gone to a back alley and bought pot from some guy I didn’t know and then rolled a joint and made him smoke it, then fine, I did, but that’s a fairly dumbass thing to do because you don’t know what’s in it.”
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