Texas Cop Allegedly Demands Woman Let Him Smell Her Feet, Underwear During Drug Search


Patrick Quinn, from a screenshot of KHOU coverage.

Police in this country have a problem. Sure, there may be some good, honest cops out there but they’re too often overshadowed by bully-creeps like 26-year-old Patrick Quinn, a school district cop in Houston.
During a recent traffic stop, Quinn allegedly told a woman he smelled weed in the car. That’s not what he wanted to be smelling, though. Nope. His olfactory glands were tuned to other things: her feet and underwear.

Quinn allegedly pulled over the woman – who lives in the same apartment complex as Quinn – for an allegedly expired stickers on her car. At 3 a.m. Nowhere near a school.
After searching the car and finding a grinder with a little pot in it, Quinn allegedly told the woman to get in the back of his car. He then allegedly said he would let her off if the woman let Quinn sniff her feet and then asked her for a piece of her underwear.
Disgusting? Yes. But the poor woman was left with little choice: jail or succumb to the demands of a pervert with a gun and a badge. So she handed him a piece of her underwear and Quinn let her go.
Thankfully, the woman didn’t let Quinn get off. Well, the sicko may have gotten off, but he’s not getting away with it.
The woman reported Quinn to his superiors who have charged him with misdemeanor official oppression”. He’s been let out on a $2,000 bond.
We hope he deserves jailtime in the same block with some of the people he’s previously arrested.
Neighbors say this might not be the first time he’s done such things. Keya Hilton, a who lives in the Houston-area neighborhood says she has seen the school-district cop pulling people over often in the neighborhood.
“It’s creepy it’s not okay to do that people, if he’s supposed to be protecting us,” said Keya Hilton, a neighbor.
The school district has distanced themselves from Quinn’s actions, and to be fair they seem as disgusted by it as everyone else.
“We are appalled by the nature of the allegations brought forth against one of our officers. After learning of the allegations, we immediately placed the officer on administrative leave pending the outcome. Allegations of officer misconduct are taken very seriously and we will not tolerate violations of criminal law, inappropriate actions or any unprofessional behavior which compromises the public’s trust or tarnishes the reputation of the department. It is imperative that individuals speak out and contact law enforcement so we can work together to keep our communities safe and we urge anyone with additional information to contact the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.”
Check out more local reaction in this KHOU report: