90 Pounds of Cali Weed Mistakenly Shows Up at Clothing Store in Philly


Two of the three 30lb parcels of pot that showed up at City Blue this week

Founded on 13th and market Street in downtown Philadelphia in 1981, the high styled retail outlet City Blue now has 25 locations across Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Ohio.
Touting themselves as “a leader and innovator in urban fashion”, managers in all City Blue locations are likely very busy these days ordering in new items to be sure that their shelves are fully stocked for the holiday rush. With so many packages in transit during this time of year, mistakes certainly do happen, but when the manager of the City Blue store in Upper Darby, PA sliced into an unknown package delivered to his store earlier this week, he was greeted by a box full of product that he simply could not sell…at least, not legally.

It all began on Tuesday, when the store received two separate deliveries, both addressed to the store’s location, but with a recipient name that the manager did not recognize.
The parcels were bulky and heavy, each one weighing in right around 30 pounds. So, out of curiosity, the City Blue manager opened both boxes only to discover them each packed tightly with 30 pounds of marijuana.
The Good Samaritan swears he didn’t even pinch a personal taste before calling local police to come pick up the pot.
Seemingly out of the weeds, so to speak, the same manager showed up for work the following day, Wednesday, only to receive yet another suspiciously similar package from California, again addressed to the same mystery recipient.
Sure enough, another 30 pounds of weed was discovered in the third and final package, totally 90 pounds in all… though, for all we know, 100 pounds may have arrived at his door and he’s got a 10-pack stashed for a rainy day.
Estimates of the street value of the confiscated chronic vary between $180,000 and $300,000, or $2,000 – $3,400 per pound. Judging by the evidence pictures of the bricks of buds, those estimates may be a bit generous.
However, Pennsylvania is one of a dwindling number of states with no medical marijuana laws in place, so black market pricing probably still controls cannabis prices, and out-of-state reefer continues to flow in through the mail.
Whatever the wayward weed is worth, the fact remains, somebody in California screwed up, big time.
Michael Chitwood, Chief of Police in Upper Darby, summed it up succinctly, stating, “Somebody is missing a lot of marijuana.”
Tis the season for drugs in the mail, according to Chitwood, who told local news station WPVI, “It’s the Christmas season, more and more packages are being delivered so more and more attempts are being made to deliver whether it’s cocaine, heroin and marijuana.”
Chitwood says his department has identified the intended recipient, and is on the hunt for the suspect now. Additionally, he says they are collaborating with law enforcement officials in California to try to identify the person who accidentally sent 90 pounds of weed to a high end sneaker boutique.
With typical lame ass cop humor, he added, “Ain’t going to be no Merry Christmas on 69th Street.”
No word yet as to how the actual residents and business owners of 69th Street, who had nothing to do with this silly stoner snafu, felt about the snide comment from their top cop.