Alaska Cops Holding on to Prohibition as Long as They Can


Despite the passage of new laws making the possession of small amounts of pot legal in Alaska, prosecutors in the state say they’ll still be pursuing cannabis cases until the new laws are signed and on the books.
In other states like Washington and Colorado, prosecutors began dropping minor possession cases even before the governor signed the bill into law – arguing that they wouldn’t be able to take the case to trial, nor would they want to waste the resources. It’s what they community they serve clearly demanded they do with the vote. But apparently, the cops and prosecutors don’t care about respecting the people they serve in Alaska.

“We are not blind or oblivious to the fact that there is a change coming, but the change is not here yet,” John Skidmore, director of the criminal division for the Alaska Department of Law, told the News-Miner. “We did communicate to our folks that right now it is business as usual. We are evaluating what to do in the future.”
State officials say the new laws will likely be put into place sometime next year, including the specifics of how people can possesses or transport cannabis.
Alaska cops are sticking to their guns, too. Alaska State Troopers cited a man this week for possession of less than an ounce of pot and took his weed. Fairbanks cops say they’ll follow the same protocol.
Sadly, these bull-headed morons would rather bully pot users than go after real crime – which is completely opposite of what voters said with their approval of the pot initiative. And there’s plenty of other things for the cops to be doing, too. Anchorage, for example, made Forbe’s list of the ten most dangerous cities in America with 813 violent crimes per every 100,000 residents.