Denver International Airport Says Pot Merchandise Won’t Fly — But You Can Weigh In


These High-ly Legal flipflops won’t be able to sell at DIA.

There is a difference between cannabis and a t-shirt. But the distinction doesn’t really matter much at Denver International Airport, which recently published the details for a public hearing at which it plans to ban the sale of marijuana-themed souvenirs.

This shirt, on sale at DIA, would be banned under the proposed rule.

In October, Denver International revealed that it had “started the process to restrict marijuana promotional merchandise…and will be following the public hearing process to amend the airport rule to reflect that.”
That news came six weeks after entrepreneur Ann Jordan complained that the airport was preventing her from selling pot-leaf-imprinted flip-flops and boxer shorts to one of the souvenir stores there.
Jordan, a retired teacher who earlier this year started High-ly Legal Colorado, thought it was ironic that the airport allowed Colorado flag shot glasses but not her products.
After Jordan complained, the airport acknowledged that it didn’t have a formal policy on pot-related merchandise, but said it would look into creating one.
And now on November 21, the airport will hold a public hearing in order to “propose to adopt new rules regarding the advertisement and sale of Marijuana-related paraphernalia at Denver International Airport.”
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