Detroit Lions Player Busted with Weed in London After Disabling Smoke Alarm


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According to ESPN, Detroit Lions defensive tackle C.J. Mosley won’t be playing in tonight’s international match in London after he was busted disabling a smoke detector in his room so he could toke up.
Apparently Mosley needs to learn how to ghost-hit herb and leave the shower running.

The smoke detector in the hotel – like most all hotels – is linked to a central system. Mosley allegedly disconnected it, which alerted someone down at the front desk that something wasn’t right. Wanting to make sure Mosley wasn’t burning up in an undetected fire, the hotel sent someone up to check things out.

Marcus Stanley.
Mosley signing autographs for troops in 2012.

It’s unclear if Mosley had herb out and the person from the hotel saw it, or if he was caught puffing tough. But it doesn’t sound like any police action was taken. Mosley has been suspended for two weeks. Team officials haven’t talked specifics yet, but Mosley and the union have filed a grievance to fight the suspension as well as the loss of pay that Mosley would face.
All of this because he didn’t know how to take small hits in the bathroom with the door closed and hold it in until nothing comes out. Or how to cover what minimal smell is left by taking a nice, relaxing stoned shower and using the multitude of fruit-smelling bath and body products offered for your use.