Don’t Worry, Florida, Medical Marijuana Will Be Back in Two Years and Will Probably Pass


Florida voters overwhelmingly approved of medical marijuana (58% to about 42%) but lost because they needed to get 60%. And yet the Anti-Amedment 2 people claim a victory when they clearly don’t have the majority opinion on their side.
Amendment 2 may have missed narrowly missed the 60 percent voter threshold needed to pass a constitutional amendment, but main sponsor John Morgan has already announced he’ll place another medical marijuana amendment on the ballot in 2016. This time, there’s an even better chance it will pass.

Morgan, the personal injury mega-lawyer, was disappointed about Tuesday’s defeat.
“Medical marijuana in Florida got 500,000 more votes than Rick Scott and 600,000 more votes than Charlie,” Morgan told WESH. “We lost because turnout wasn’t what it could have been.”
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