“F*ck it, I quit” Alaska TV Reporter Subpoenaed for Possible Campaign Finance Vioaltions


Charlo Greene, the infamous Alaska news reporter who quit her job on-air to become a full-time cannabis business owner and activist, has been ordered to comply with a subpoena regarding alleged campaign finance misdoings.
As we reported last week, the state Public Offices Commission says Greene may have run afoul Alaska state laws with an online fundraising they say went directly to Alaska’s Ballot Measure 2, which legalized small amounts of pot for adults 21 and up.

Greene has formally objected to the subpoena, but the APOC has rejected it. For her part, Greene contends that the money collected on an online IndieGogo campaign was going to her own “freedom and fairness” campaign that wasn’t exactly linked to Measure 2. All the money, she says, went to her and her business – something the APOC has no jurisdiction over. Greene is starting a cannabis club in Alaska.
She says the subpoena sets a scary precedent.
“If you publish your personal stance on any issue, then this government agency believes they have the authority to ask for emails, bank-account information, all of your records,” she said. “That’s scary.”
The commission says that Greene hasn’t been found guilty, they just have some questions for her.
“Without a reasonable investigation, no determination can be reached,” they wrote in a letter refusing her objection.