Gisele Pollack, Florida Drug Court Judge Charged With DUI, Begs for Her Career


Broward County Circuit Judge (and misdemeanor drug court judge) Gisele Pollack, who was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in early May, sat before a panel of the state’s Judicial Qualifications Commission on Thursday and vowed never to drink again. Pollack, who pled guilty in September for driving under the influence, has had issues arise due to her drinking, including an incident while she was on the bench.
As a result, the Florida Supreme Court suspended her. She has been trying to get her career back on track ever since.

Last year, Pollack, 56, admitted showing up to work drunk in the past. When her staff tried to stop her from approaching the bench inebriated, her response was “Fuck you; you’re fired.”
Another judge had to personally come and remove Pollack from the courtroom that day. Pollack then took a leave of absence but then she again arrived to work inebriated. Back in March, Pollack was behaving erratically in the courtroom and at times slurred her words. Her meltdown on the bench led Pollack to take personal leave and shortly thereafter to check herself into an outpatient treatment program in Weston.
Her DUI arrest in May led to her being suspended, and she entered into rehab.
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