Miami Crew Busted in Elaborate Plot to Trade Emeralds for Cocaine


Photo by EvaK via Wikimedia Commons.

The two middle-aged men were ambitious. They wanted to repair their sailboat and navigate across the ocean, from Colombia to Italy. All so they could smuggle two tons of cocaine.
According to a federal arrest affidavit filed last week, reports, two South Florida men — Juan Soberon and Marin Spariosu — the latter a registered agent of a downtown Miami jewelry store, conspired to front thousands of dollars’ worth of emeralds in exchange for cocaine. Flush with money from the initial sale, the two sailors would then embark on the much grander plan of smuggling up to two tons of coke across the ocean. Except, of course, they got caught. The coke suppliers they were meeting with were actually informants for the Drug Enforcement Agency. Miami New Times has more.