Pot Candy Maker Accused of Dosing Unknowing People Accuses Former Employee of Sabotage


In August, a number of people came forward to say they’d gotten sick after eating chocolate from the LivWell booth at the Denver County Fair. Turns out the sweets they’d ingested were actually marijuana edibles, which weren’t supposed to be handed out on fair grounds. A class-action lawsuit followed, with at least six people signing on.
Now, LivWell has reportedly pointed the finger of blame at an allegedly disgruntled former employee, Daniel de Sailles. But rather than going to ground, de Sailles is denying the allegations in the press and social media.

On November 6, de Sailles posted the following on his Facebook page: “Livwell/Broadway Wellness is trying to blame me for their fuckup when they dosed all those people at the Denver County Fair.”
The next day, Marijuana.com provided details about the claim. According to the site, Beyond Broadway, LivWell’s parent company, filed a document dubbed a “designation of nonparties at fault.” In it, LivWell is said to deny having provided THC-laden Full Melt chocolates to fair attendees “and alleges possible sabotage by a former employee and two John Does.”
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