Sheriff Joe Arapaio’s Lawyer Wants Out of Racial-Profiling Case; ACLU Hopes He’ll Stick Around


Tim Casey, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s longtime lawyer, wants out of the hot-potato Melendres racial-profiling case now that it’s in a “compliance phase.”
Lawyers for the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona don’t want him to leave so fast, though — not with questions and things left to discover related to corrupt deputy Ramon Charley Armendariz, who hung himself in May rather than submit to arrest.

The Armendariz probe is a spin-off of the Melendres case, which concluded at the trial-court level last year when U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow found that the MCSO under Arpaio had committed racial profiling against Hispanics. His conclusion added to a similar, damning finding by the U.S. Department of Justice investigation. Since then, Arpaio’s shop has been placed under the eyes of Robert Warshaw, a court-appointed federal monitor. But Warshaw most-recent report shows that Arpaio is having trouble complying with Snow’s 2013 order.
On Friday, Casey, James Williams and the law firm of Schmitt Schneck Smyth Casey & Even, P.C., submitted a motion to Snow, asking to be allowed to withdraw from the long-running case. Noting that the application for withdrawal includes Arpaio’s signature, Casey’s motion states that he and the firm should be able to depart without too much trouble.
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