TSA Finds 92 Pounds of Pot in Checked Luggage at Phoenix Airport


A passenger on a flight out of Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport tried to check luggage containing 92 pounds of marijuana, according to the TSA. A TSA spokesman says the Phoenix Police Department was contacted once agents made the discovery.
According to court documents obtained by New Times, 39-year-old Lauretta Blanton had actually spread the load among three checked bags, and two of the bags actually made it onto the plane.

The pot was heat-sealed in bags and coated with moth-balls, according to court documents. The bust took place on Sunday inside Sky Harbor’s Terminal 4, the airport’s busiest terminal, which handles flights for Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, U.S. Airways, and a few others.
According to court documents, Blanton told police she was transporting the load to Pittsburgh for a man she knew only as “Q.”
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