Washington State’s First Pot Auction Harvests $600,000 for Local Farmer



Fireweed Farms became the first recreational marijuana grow in Washington to auction off their harvest last week, pulling in about $600,000 for around 300 pounds of herb.
Bud was sold by the gram in several lots, mostly by strain with about 40 people on hand. Herb was on display in plastic baggies, but consumption was not allowed.

The auction of the buds was to “get rid of it all quick”, according to farmer Randy Williams. He said he wanted to dump all the weed so he could spend time with his grandson instead of spending the winter selling and bagging off herb. Williams says he’ll be donating $14,000 from his profits to local schools.
Williams planted his pot in May and was harvesting it during September and October. He says he’s sold small amounts to shops before, but that the auction route made more sense to him.
All of the cannabis sold had been lab tested by a state-certified analytical company.
Officials with the state liquor control board said the auction went smoothly and that they expect to see more in the future.

Fireweed Farm offers the following strains, according to their website:
Ace of Spades
Blue Dream
Bubba Fire aka potzilla
Bubble Gum CBD
Cesar Fire
Cheddar Fire
Cherry Fire
Deep Purple
Dirty Girl
Dutch Treat
GSC Platinum
Girl Scout Cookie
Grape Stomper
Kushy Kush
Magic Insane
One Arm Bandit
Purple Fire
Purple Kush
Snow White
Sugar Plum
U of W
White Dawg