Will Nevada’s Republican Legislature Legalize Pot to Prevent Democrat Turnout in 2016?


If Republicans in Nevada want to hold on to their seats as well as control the way cannabis is regulated in the future in the state, they’d better legalize this session.
That’s the message from state Sen. Tick Segerblom, a Democrat from Las Vegas, who says Republicans – who control both the state House and Senate – need to get with the times.

A petition that will force the legislature to debate cannabis legalization or put the question before voters in 2016 was submitted last week with nearly twice the required amount of signatures needed. Approval of the measure would require a two-thirds vote from the House and Senate.
If the legislature fails to do anything, voters would get the final say in November of 2016. Segerblom says that if that is the case, Democrats will turn out in droves to approve recreational cannabis – just as they’ve done in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Washington D.C.
The official count should be ready by Tuesday at the latest.