Woman Locked Out of House Calls Cops, Gets Arrested for Pot Inside


If you live in a place where marijuana is illegal and get locked out of your apartment and have left weed sitting out on the table and live plants growing in a back room, suck it up and call a locksmith or break a window and pay the cost to replace it. Whatever you do, don’t raise a scene outside and get the cops called on you. And if you can’t help yourself and have to bang and scream on the window so loud that the cops do come, do not let them let you in the door.
An Iowa woman clearly didn’t understand that very simple logic last week.

Cops in Iowa City say that 19-year-old Jailin Turner was charged with possession of a controlled substance and “other crimes” after the above scenario played out right in front of her.
After banging on the window early Friday morning (like it was going to somehow change it’s mind and unlock), cops were called out. She told them that she had locked her keys out of the house, so the firemen were called.
The firemen broke into the house, where they saw two bongs out on the table. They told their buddies in the police force, who went in and found a scale, plants and grow lights.
She was charged with possession of the pot, possession of paraphernalia, drug tax stamp violations and “disorderly house” – whatever that means. In Iowa, that could net her six months and $1,000 for the drug possession, six months and $1,000 for the paraphernalia. The tax stamp law also means she’ll be charged with tax evasion charges. We have no idea what the “disorderly house” charge nets, hopefully just a visit from a Molly Maid.