Arizona’s Merilee Fowler and MATFORCE are Anti-Marijuana Propaganda Tools


Merilee Fowler, executive director of MATFORCE, an anti-substance-abuse group fighting marijuana legalization in Arizona.

The marijuana legalization movement has several foes in Arizona, and Merilee Fowler, executive director of MATFORCE in Yavapai County, is one of the biggies.
Both sides are getting an early start on the campaign to pass or defeat a likely ballot initiative planned to be put before Arizona voters in November of 2016. Judging by the propaganda that Fowler and other prohibitionists like Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk are already pumping out, truth is the first casualty in what looks to be long slog ahead.
Witness the Communist-like propaganda penned by Fowler appearing in various Arizona news outlets last week, including the Arizona Capitol Times.

Fowler’s short opinion column starts out by setting the stage for the extreme hypocrisy to come: “My sincere hope is that on the topic of legalized marijuana, citizens of Arizona will examine who truly is utilizing ‘statistical manipulations and half-truths’ and that they review the validity and sources of all information that is presented.”
Fowler than proceeds to defend her side by citing numerous statistical manipulations and half-truths. Here are several examples:
* “One study that Dr. Dewey discussed confirmed that long-term, consistent marijuana use decreases the user’s IQ.” — “Confirmed” is a half-truth. Google “marijuana and IQ” and you’ll find numerous conflicting reports about what the drug does to IQ.
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