California K-9 Cop Busted Hiding Confiscated Weed Won’t Face Charges


Here’s a lesson for you: if you want to get away with marijuana posesion, be a cop.
A Richmond, California police officer busted with about five pounds of pot he picked up at a UPS store won’t face any charges, even though he failed to follow even the most basic protocol.
K-9 Cop Joe Avila picked up the pot at the UPS store on Nov. 25 and radioed in to dispatch that he was going to file an incident report. He never did that, though. Instead, he took the pot home with him instead of to a station to lock up as evidence. It’s not the first time Avila hasn’t written a report, either. In fact, it’s his complete lack of competency and failure to write reports for more than 36 incidents that led to his bust.

Internal affairs looked into the matter, following the trail to Avila’s Oakland home where the pot was discovered.
For his part, Avila says he used two pounds of pot to train his (already highly and expensively trained) drug dog. He also couldn’t keep track of exactly where all the pot had gone, admitting that some of it may have ended up in his patrol car and some of it could have been at his house.
But hey, despite all that shadiness Avila is a cop. And cops get a pass to break the law, apparently as the Contra Costa District Attorney’s office says they won’t be filling any charges.
That said, Avila’s actions may have earned him an outright sacking from the department according to the Contra Costa Times.