Defiant Boston Man Vows to Keep Selling CBD Pills Despite Legality Issues


CBD oil.

Technically, CBD-only pills extracted from legal hemp grown in Europe isn’t cannabis. At least, that the argument from Boston’s Bill Downing, who operates the CBD Please store that sells CBD-only oils despite an order from the state Health Department to shut down his operations.
But Downing, who isn’t a medical cannabis patient, says he doesn’t care what the heald department says, he’ll keep selling his CBD.

“The state can do anything they want. They can throw me in jail. They can do whatever they want,” Downing to Boston’s local CBS affiliate. “But I know I’m doing the right thing and I’m doing it for the right reasons. I’m doing it for the patients here in the state and I really don’t care about the bureaucracies trying to stop me because they’re immoral. And because the public does not support them.”
Downing says his CBD oil products – including creams, oils, salves, pills and tinctures – don’t have any THC in them and were made from hemp plants that were legally imported to the U.S.
The state Health Department had previously shut down Downing’s first location in Boston, but he opened another in the Allston neighborhood soon after.
Cops tell WBZ News that they are looking into the legality of his operation.
Check out more in the video below.