Fact-Check Fail: Arizona Republic Flubs Mark Brnovich’s Bogus Medical-Marijuana Claim


Where does 25 equal 30, and 22.7 percent equal “most?”
The Arizona Republic’s “Fact Check: Keeping Arizona Honest” column, of course.
In Sunday’s paper, as a reader informed us this week, a fact-check completely flubs the evaluation of Mark Brnovich’s comment on TV last month about the state’s medical-marijuana patients.

“In Arizona, we legalized marijuana for medical purposes and the results of that apparently are that there are bunch of 18- to 25-year-old males with back problems and migraine headaches because that’s who’s getting the cards, most of them,” the Repub quotes Brnovich, state Attorney General-elect, as saying during an interview on Channel 13’s “The 48th” show.
Uh, what?
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