Minnesota Health Department Selects State’s Two Legal Medical Marijuana Producers


If you want legal medical cannabis products in Minnesota, it’ll be coming from LeafLine Labs or Minnesota Medical Solutions. The state Department of Health announced earlier today that the two groups will be the sole providers of cannabis for the state medical program.
Raw cannabis isn’t legal in the Minneota program, only concentrates and edibles. The manufacturers will be responsible for making those products.

LeafLine will be based in Cottage Grove, Minnesota and will have a dispensary in Eagan opening sometime in July 2015. They also plan to open dispensaries in St. Paul, St. Cloud and Hibbing eventually. Minnesota Medical Solutions will operate out of Otsego and have dispensaries in Minneapolis, Maple Grove and Moorehead.
The two companies beat out ten others for the spots.

Many activists have said that the state’s medical program is too restrictive and, aside from not allowing raw cannabis to be consumed, the bill also doesn’t allow people with severe pain any access. It also forces the state and doctors to be a part of an ongoing study to determine whether or not medical cannabis really works. Yes, in this day and age we are still debating what is incontrovertible fact.