White Heroin Killing People in Amsterdam


First, it seizes up the brain like an old Chevy being driven at full speed through the desert with no fluids; sending a violent message to the spinal cord that cripples the user in his tracks. Then comes the inability to breath properly, followed by 10-20 seconds of remaining consciousness before the brainstem resembles a rubber chicken bone, sending the person deep inside the hole to the otherside without any chance for survival. This my friends is the fierce course of the wrecking ball known as a heroin overdose, a brown drug so powerful it was once used to by the ancient Egyptians to paralyze camels in an effort to prevent them from biting during intercourse.

Imagine the sheer horror felt by three British men last week as they took turns snorting hefty lines of what they believed to be cocaine, only to watch each other drop, one by one, on the floor of an Amsterdam hotel room from an overdose of white heroin.
Unfortunately, while the average human has the capacity to handle mass amounts of cocaine before blowing out his heart, even smaller doses of heroin can prove lethal – a message authorities in Amsterdam are hoping to relay to cocaine crazy tourists who might mistakenly get their hands on the same pale horse that recently killed three strapping young lads.
Police initially thought the men had died, as the result of a bad batch of cocaine because the powder located near their bodies was pure white. However, laboratory tests at the Dutch forensic institute found the drug was, in fact, an opiate. “[In] the last couple of weeks several tourists were hospitalized with severe health problems after using cocaine bought on the street … Research has revealed that the cocaine used was not cocaine but white heroin,” according to pamphlets circulating throughout the city.
Dr. Adam Winstock, founder of the Global Drugs Survey, recently told the BBC that he believed the culprit behind white heroin was a rogue dealer who had accidentally mixed up the two drugs. His theory stems from pure economics alone, as he reveals that heroin is three times more expensive in Amsterdam than cocaine. Fortunately, Dr. Winstock believes the increased media attention surrounding white heroin will cause the dealer to double check his products because ultimately, the mistake is costing him a substantial amount of money. Yet, there is also the possibility that this fiend is dosing people with the wrong dope on purpose.
In addition to the three deaths, there have been numerous reports of people getting seriously ill from white heroin. Dutch police are encouraging anyone who believes they have been sold the wrong drug to contact them immediately. They are assuring the public that they are not at any risk of being arrested. “If people are stupid enough to use and get sick we are not there to arrest them, we are there to save lives. That is our highest priority. If you get into problems, dial 112,” said Rob Van der Veen with Dutch police.
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