Canadian Company Plans Massive Grow

The announcement comes shortly after it raised millions of dollars.
Here’s your daily round up of pot news, excerpted from the newsletter WeedWeek.
Vancouver-based grower Aurora Cannabis is planning a giant 600,000 square-foot grow in Alberta. That’s the size of 10 football fields. Canadian grower Aphria inked a deal to supply an Australian company with MED.
At least two large Canadian producers consider the  new federal home grow rules  “a setback for the advancement of sound cannabis policy.”
The Commodities Futures Trading Commission approved the first exchange for trading hemp derivatives.

Vice asks if big pharma wants to stop — or take over — cannabis.Marijuana Business Daily interviewed cannabis banker Sundie Seefried.Ford is exploring agave fiber, hemp and shredded cash to reduce the amount of plastic in new cars.

A new group called Forma Holdings announced investments in four California entities, three of them connected to prominent Oakland executive Steve DeAngelo. The amounts invested were not disclosed. Forbes says many cannabis investors still prefer to keep quiet about it.

Edibles have boosted the Oregon market. The Santa Fe Reporter asked about the state’s supply shortage.

Rand Corporation scholar Beau Kilmer writes on the “ Promises and pitfalls of cannabis taxes.

PCWorld looks at some of the tech accelerating the industry. Vice explores connections betweenhydroponics shops and the black market.

The Cannabist explains the U.S. government’s patent on using non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

Washington state will grant cannabis research licenses to scientists. A new campaign in Colorado targets “ trusted adults” to keep kids away from weed.

Canadian doctors don’t agree on what the legal age should be. A study found that cannabis is a more effective pain reducer in men.

U.K. medical journal The Lancet weighs in on the connection between cannabis use and psychosis.

Aeon explores why low-income drug users have a harder time walking away. An Australian trial is testing whether CBD drug Sativex can help people stop smoking pot.