David Schmader on Jokes, Jam Bands and Weed: The User’s Guide


David Schmader talks pot at TEDx.

David Schmader is a legend in Seattle, where he writes for alternative newspaper The Stranger and serves as creative director for an award-winning nonprofit writing center, the Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas. He’s also an essayist, performance artist, podcast guest (listen to him on Dan Savage’s 500th episode of the Savage Lovecast) and marijuana connoisseur. His new book, Weed: The User’s Guide, has gotten rave reviews – and although you don’t need to know anything about weed to find it entertaining, it’s also very enjoyable to read while you’re consuming cannabis.

We recently talked with Schmader to get his take on jam bands, Jesus, and why Weed was the “best Mother’s Day gift ever!”