Four Weed Companies Make the Inc. 500

None of them touch the plant.
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Four cannabis companies made the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies. They are the media site Leafly, Apeks Supercritical, a manufacturer of extraction equipment, Marijuana Business Daily, and, an equipment retailer. Inc. spoke to MBD’s Cassandra Farrington “ High priestess of marijuana business intelligence.”

Marijuana Business Daily estimates that tourists in Colorado bought almost $100M worth of REC last year, about 17% of the state total.

The Cannabist introduces 10 executives who left leading companies to get into cannabis.

The industry is stepping up lobbying in Sacramento.

A former senior banker at Barclays’s has invested in a California pot endeavor.

Ebbu, the company featured in my story on the rise and fall of a modern weed dealer, announced a brand makeover. Michael “Dooma” Wendschuh, who left Ebbu, is pitching a new cannabis company Province.

The U.K.s National Health Service will test a CBD vaporizer for pain relief. California-based Cannabis Science is developing a cannabis inhaler for asthma.

A Spanish study found that cannabis use had a more severe impact on cognition for individuals with no family history of psychosis. Stat profiles Staci Gruber, a Harvard Medical School neuroscientist studying the effects of marijuana on cognition, brain structure and other metrics.

Many doctors feel they don’t know enough about MED. Lieut. General Nadya West, the Army’s top physician, is skeptical about treating PTSD with MED.

Vice met a doctor who treats cannabis use disorder.

Natural resources professor Ryan Stoa writes that as with wine, small-scale pot growers can continue to thrive in a legal market.

According to Drug Policy Alliance, there were almost 500,000 cannabis arrests in California between 2006 and 2015. Phoenix arrests more than seven people a day on marijuana charges.

Keeda Haynes, a public defender in Nashville spent years in federal prison for years on a marijuana conviction. She was at minimum security FPC Alderson at the same time as Martha Stewart who cooked with crab apples she picked on prison grounds.

A fire that destroyed dozens of homes in rural northern California last year, started at an illegal grow, officials said.

A Delaware judge ruled against a public employee who was fired for using MED to treat her Lyme Disease.

In the New York Times, Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder editorializes against mandatory minimum sentences.

A Canadian study found that the vast majority of home growers are otherwise law abiding. In Turkey, the head of an anti-drug NGO was found with 70 pounds of weed.