New Mexico Mom Sues State Over Pot Supply


The flag of New Mexico

It’s for her sick child.

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New Mexico mom Nicole Nuñez is suing the state over “arbitrary” supply limits. Nuñez’s eight month old daughter has a seizure disorder. A Michigan judge ruled that seedlings count as plants.

The four Colorado doctors suspended for overprescribing large plant counts will have to go through administrative hearings to try and get their licenses reinstated.  A judge tossed out a lawsuit they filed.

Anti-pot activists in Montana are crying foul after the state said they fell short on the number of signatures necessary to get an anti-MED initiative on the ballot. Due to a change in the law, any dispensaries in the state will be operating illegally as of August 31.

The New York Times looks into the Canadian dispensary scene as the country prepares for legalization.

The Department of Agriculture clarified some of the rules governing industrial hemp.

Kazakhstan plans to make paper from hemp. Sixty-five percent of New Zealanders favor legalization or  decriminalization.

Israel will make MED easier to obtain. An Israeli patient is suing the state over pesticides in MED.

Recently, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said legalization would lead the cannabis ads in primetime. Itmay, but the outcome isn’t guaranteed. Politifact amended its assessment of her comment.

In Utah, a plurality support MED. Maryland named the preliminary winners of MED business licenses.
Tuatara Capital’s recent $93M raise shows that “Investors are definitely getting more comfortable with cannabis companies. Banks still are not,” Tom Quigley, CEO of online marketplace of The Gluu said.

The Walrus profiles Canadian outfit Canopy Growth, the world’s largest legal marijuana company.

ZDNet discusses the Microsoft/Kind Financial deal. Start-up Leaf which developed a home-grow systemraised $2M. The company came out of incubator Canopy Boulder.

The Orange County (Calif.) Register visits Nemus Bioscience, a pharmaceutical company investigating medical uses of cannabinoids. It is working on new delivery mechanisms for THC-based glaucoma drugs.