Boston-Area Evidence Tampering Scandal Could Endanger Drug Prosecutions


Hundreds of cases may not go forward.

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An emerging evidence-tampering scandal in Boston-suburb Braintree has jeopardized hundreds of drug prosecutions. Former inmates explain drug dealing in prison to The Daily Beast.

Some states are reducing the size of drug-free school zones, a policy that’s under new scrutiny. The State University of New York, one of the country’s largest systems, will stop asking applicants if they have a felony conviction.

Some of the prisoners granted clemency by President Obama will still have to serve months or years more of their sentences.

A man has come forward to claim that he was part of a death squad under the command of Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte when the politician was mayor of Davao City. The former militiaman said the group carried out daily killings of suspected criminal. Duterte’s office denied the accusations, though as president he openly calls for vigilantes to kill drug dealers.

A U.K. dealer was incriminated by photos on his phone where he flashes huge wads of cash.

A video narrated by Jay-Z with artwork by Molly Crabapple calls the war on drugs an “ epic fail.

Singer Merle Haggard will join the weed industry posthumously. The singer of ‘Okie from Muskogee’ wasn’t always a pot fan.

Merry Jane counsels on pot-related relationship problems.

Non-psychoactive cannabis beer is becoming a thing. One company, which makes a beer called General Washington’s Secret Stash, received the first federal approval for such a product.

Variety goes through a host of new weed-themed TV and celebrity tie-ins.

Recode spoke to Keith McCarty, CEO of California delivery service Eaze. The Orange County Register asks what the $1 billion in tax revenue will do if California goes REC.

A chihuahua needed medical attention after eating a THC cookie. There’s a picture of a very high chihuahua.