Brangelina Split: Did Cannabis Cause It?


It’s one of many theories.

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Angelina Jolie’s exhaustion with Brad Pitt’s cannabis use, reportedly contributed to her filing for divorce. The Guardian asks what that means for custody of their children. Vulture chronicles Pitt’s “ battle with marijuana.”

Three Phoenix cops resigned and face criminal charges after allegedly forcing a 19-year old to eat marijuana or go to jail.

Pro-legalization activists say opponent Kevin Sabet broke the law by displaying a bag of infused gummies on a television panel in Boston. Sabet didn’t return an email requesting comment.

Mexican police discovered a 10-foot “ air cannon,” that U.S. authorities said shot a 60-pound payload of cannabis into the U.S.

According to Vice, The Islamic State has “ very little involvement” in the global drug trade.

Maine Public Radio looked at the “ modern bootleggers” in Colorado who ship product to illegal states. Weed arrests are up in Nebraska, following legalization in Colorado, but it’s unclear why.

In Northern Ireland, a former senior cop said “the time has come to consider [decriminalizing cannabis.]”

Law enforcement charged an Australian man after he tried to dump 100 kg of stems and leaves and a recycling center.

A truck carrying 400 pounds of weed ($2.2M) crashed in Texas. Authorities seized “ cannabis-related oils” from a pharmacy in Texas and are testing it for THC.

Travel guide author and personality Rick Steves will visit Massachusetts to support the coming REC vote. He also donated $100,000.

Rolling Stone looks at the NFL’s cannabis ban. The league “ignores that just because something is federally illegal, that doesn’t mean that an employer has to test for it or punish its employees.”

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe visited Willie Nelson’s trailer during Farm Aid, raising eyebrows.

Marijuana Business Daily spoke to Matt Cohen of TriQ Systems about how to grow high-quality cannabis in a greenhouse.

Some very busy people wonder if the characters in “ Lord of the Rings” got high.

In the tradition of Presidential Debate drinking games, PR firm Refined Bud has created a debatesmoking game. Representative directive: “If a candidate mentions socialism, light up another!”