California Weed Could be a Windfall for Big Alcohol


Potentially a model for the country as well.

Here’s your daily round up of pot news, excerpted from the newsletter WeedWeek.

Politico explains how California’s REC initiative, if passed, will disrupt the existing supply chain and provide a windfall to distributors. No other state has a similar model.

A majority of California Latinos oppose legalization, though it’s somewhat more popular among younger voters.

Arizona REC supporters are suing Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan (R) over the language that will appear on the ballot. The state supreme court threw out a final appeal by opponents to stop voting on the measure.

An error in Montana’s MED initiative could set dispensaries back six months. (And that’s if it passed.)

Nevada AG Adam Laxalt (R) and other top law enforcement officials oppose the upcoming REC vote. “This ballot initiative was written by major marijuana interests, who’s biggest concern is making money,” he said, among other concerns.

The Washington Post publishes a cannabis election guide. Governing has one too.

East Bay Express looks at the California legislative session as it pertains to you know what. Canna Law Blog says California is still a risky place to invest since current MED laws “do  not satisfy  federal directives on ‘robust state marijuana regulation.”

Marijuana Business Daily says high turnover at regulatory agencies compounds confusion for businesses. The outlet also compares MED program development in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

A federal circuit court ruled that prohibiting MED card holders from buying guns does not violate the Second Amendment. The NRA did not rush to patients’ defense. An appeal is likely.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) wants to decriminalize.

Press-Democrat writer Paul Gullixson doesn’t want Santa Rosa, Calif. to be a cannabis capital. “ Leave marijuana to the states,” the Toledo Blade editorializes.

Oregon’s industry is experiencing “ growing pains.”