Former NFLer Eugene Monroe Suing Maryland Over Weed Licenses


After retiring from the league he joined the industry.

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Cannabis activist and former NFL-player Eugene Monroe is part of a company suing Maryland regulatorsfor rejecting its permit application. Maryland lawmaker Dr. Dan K. Morhain faces an ethics investigation. He championed MED and serves as the medical advisor to a MED company.
Colorado Springs Mayor and legalization opponent John Suthers (R) told an Arizona audience todecriminalize, don’t legalize. Colorado Springs ordered 9 consumption clubs to “ cease and desist” operations.

LSU is moving forward with plans to grow Louisiana’s MED supply, a rarity for a university. A bill in New Jersey would allow convenience stores to sell pot.

Colorado’s tourism agency will start “ educating” visitors about state cannabis laws. It will not promote cannabis as a reason to visit Colorado. Without information provided by the state, Cathy Ritter, head of the Colorado Tourism Office says the burden has fallen on hotel clerks to explain.

Nevada will allow patients to apply for MED cards online. They will still have to visit a doctor in person. Oregon is pushing MED shops to follow Washington state and go REC. REC will not appear on the Missouri ballot following a dispute over 23 signatures.

Nashville loosened possession penalties, but Vice says it still allows police to “ decide who to arrest.”

Even in legal states, cannabis use remains risky for foreign nationals. In Alaska, soldiers can’t attendcannabis events.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte lambasted the U.S. and Europe for criticizing his violent drug war.

Bloomfield Industries, one of the five licensed businesses in New York State, is facing financial difficulties.The

SEC is bringing charges against FusionPharm for “ scheming investors.” The agency suspended trading in the over the counter stock in 2014.
The Denver Post profiles publicly-traded lawncare company Scotts Miracle-Gro as it makes a high-profile foray into cannabis. Arizona-based Ultra Health, is working with Native American tribes to grow.