Major Report from U.K. Lawmakers Calls Marijuana Prohibition “Irrational”


It received the British equivalent of bipartisan support. 

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In the U.K., a group representing MPs and Peers from concluded that banning MED is “ irrational.” It is being touted as a major step towards legalization.

Cannabis is an issue in Berlin’s upcoming election.

Vermont’s legislature is revisiting REC after failing to pass it last year. Arkansas Gov. and former DEA chief Asa Hutchinson (R) criticized supporters of the state’s upcoming MED votes for misleading the public about the plant’s medical benefits.

There’s a fight in Alaska over consumption clubs. I wrote about public consumption in SFWeekly.

Nebraska weed activists are already preparing for 2018.

The Conversation asks why legalization is taking so long. RAND Corporation legalization scholar Beau Kilmer did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit.

New Zealand mom Rose Renton is organizing nationwide rallies today to legalize MED. Her son Alex Renton died last year after his parents successful petitioned the government to treat his epilepsy with cannabis oil. Activists will wave photos of him outside police stations. “This particular rally is really focused on standing with the police,” Rose said. “We want to change the laws so the police don’t have to deal with peaceful people that choose to used medicinal cannabis.”

Snowflake, Az., may have broken state law by charging a grower $800,000 to open.

Investment bank Cowen & Co. predicted that the legal industry will be worth $50 billion in a decade. The report, by 10 analysts, is the most extensive piece of research that a large bank has published on the industry. Cowen also initiated analyst coverage of packaging company Kush Bottles, becoming the first bank to cover a cannabis stock that’s traded over the counter. It gave Kush an “Outperform” rating.

Colorado dispensaries sold $122.7M in July, the best month yet.