NFL Keeps Weed at Arm’s Length


The league and the plant appear to be on a collision course. 

Here’s your daily round-up of pot-news, excerpted from the newsletter WeedWeek

Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson will serve a four-game suspension after testing positive for marijuana. Seantrel suffers from Crohn’s Disease and had bowel surgery early this year.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is not happy that rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott visited a pot shop in Seattle. Elliott didn’t buy anything according to TMZ. The Cowboys start the season tomorrow with three players suspended for substance abuse violations.

Willamette Week says this summer has been the break out moment for pro-athletes and cannabis. Is exercising high a good idea? Science says ‘meh.’

Vanity Fair critic James Wolcott, likes the new Web series Cannabis Moms Club. (One mom says, “This is my Lexapro. My — what are you on Kim?”) Variety likes High Maintenance’s new HBO incarnation. It was originally a Web series.

Five-year-old Sagan Bocskor, son of cannabis entrepreneur Leslie Bocskor, became the youngest recipient of a Burning Man Global Art Grant. The younger Bocskor ignited his Jedi Dog Temple at this year’s desert festival.

The New Yorker says the South American psychedelic Ayahuasca is popular in Silicon Valley. Ayahuasca “is like having a cup of coffee here,” business and self-help gadfly Tim Ferriss said.

Whoopi Goldberg talked about her cannabis line with the New York Times magazine. Rapper The Game is a partner at a SoCal dispensary.

The new e-book “ Humboldt Stories” by Sharon Letts is a series of fictionalized vignettes about life in grow country. Letts spoke to Civilized.

Cleveland Cavaliers’ guard Iman Shumpert was arrested for possession and DUI in metro Atlanta.

The New Mexico State Fair evicted “Dorothy,” a pot plant on display. A mini tornado whipped through an Oregon pot farm. There’s video.