Legalizing Ahead in All Nine States Which Will Vote


It could mean a clean sweep.

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Legalization is ahead in all nine states where it’s on the ballot.
The Florida Democratic Party  donated $150,000  to support MED in Florida. Casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson  gave another $500,000  to oppose MED in Florida.

In Massachusetts, sheriffs have shown  bipartisan opposition  to legalization. Eleven medical groups  also oppose .

Asian Americans  oppose legalization , with the exception of Indian Americans who narrowly support it. The American Prospect says that in the upcoming votes, millennials and racial minorities are the  key voting blocs .

Pro-legalization TV ads are  on the air  in Maine and Massachusetts.  California too .

Maine REC supporters have outspent opponents 26-1.

In the Washington Post, journalist Maia Szalavitz says we ignore the killings of drug users in the Philippines because drug users are “ dehumanized” by mainstream society. “Nearly 3,000 people have already been gunned down, either by police or vigilante death squads, encouraged by Duterte, who has promised immunity. About 600,000 have also turned themselves in, many now caged in hideously crowded prisons that already look like concentration camps.”

The president of the Maryland Legislative Black Caucus said the group will file emergency legislation to block the state’s MED program until racial disparities in the industry are resolved. None of the 15 licenses awarded in the state went to black-owned businesses.

In Arkansas, MED activists have learned lessons from past defeat. Two-thirds of Utahns support MED, though a leaked video from 2010 suggests that senior Mormons remain deeply wary of it.

Oklahoma could vote on MED in 2018.  There’s a new push to  legalize REC  in New Jersey.

Memphis, Tenn. decriminalized. Chris Brown, the former mayor of a small city in Los Angeles County,connects cities with cannabis businesses.

Reuters spoke with California growers who oppose REC. The San Diego County Board of Supervisorsopposes REC in California.

The effort to ban cannabis businesses in Alaska’s Mat-Su Borough failed. I wrote about it for High Times. REC sales are expected to begin soon in the final frontier.