Wendy’s Served Weed Dusted Fries to Little Girl


The company is aware of the situation.

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An Ohio mom has complained to fast food chain Wendy’s after it reportedly served her four-year old daughter fries dusted with pot. The girl said her fries “tasted funny and were yucky.”

A weed-related land rush is on in California City, Calif. about halfway between Bakersfield and Barstow, after it chose to allow commercial indoor grows.

Las Vegas casinos have no plans to be 420-friendly during the industry’s big post-election conference.

A study found that heavy cannabis use can cause low bone density and osteoporosis. Another study found that early alcohol use and a history of cannabis use increase the likelihood of cocaine use.
“Extreme” exposure to second hand weed smoke can get people high.
New York explains why quitting weed can cause  very vivid dreams. It has something to do with REM.

Early MED researcher Dr. J. Thomas Ungerleider died at 85. The UCLA psychiatrist ran trials in the 1970s and 1980s that demonstrated benefits for chemotherapy and glaucoma patients.

Following a public outcry, the DEA took the unprecedented step of withdrawing its proposal to add kratom to the list of Schedule I substances.

Sixteen year old MED patient Coltyn Turner criticized legalization opponent Kevin Sabet.

A Danish couple face 10 years in prison for allegedly providing MED to cancer patients.

Ken Thompson, Brooklyn’s first Black district attorney and one of the country’s most progressive on cannabis prosecutions, died at 50, shortly after announcing that he had cancer.

Federal authorities will not file criminal charges against the wife of Utah gubernatorial candidate Mike Weinholtz connected to her MED use.

“I would much rather my own children interact with drugs than with the police,” Columbia Universitypsychology professor Carl Hart wrote. Tampa Bay Times writer John Romano says pot is safer than guns.