Pot Delivery App Eaze Raises $13M


One of the biggest cannatech raises to date.

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Delivery service Eaze raised $13M from venture capitalists including the Winklevoss Brothers.

Cannabis has a $2.4 billion economic impact in Colorado, according to a report from the Marijuana Policy Group. It predicts that sales in the state will plateau at $1.5 billion in 2020. The industry has created18,000 jobs in the state (not all of them directly) and is bigger than Colorado’s craft beer industry.

Colorado-based company Americann plans to build a massive 1 million square foot grow in Massachusetts. CNBC looks at the hot cannabis real estate market.

Over the counter cannabis stocks are rallying ahead of Election Day.

Columnist Joe Matthews says California needs a “ cannabis cartel,” which he defines as a legal corporate oligopoly with the size and resources necessary to control the distribution of cannabis so that our state can properly track, regulate, price and tax America’s largest marijuana market.

LAWeekly asks if legalization will benefit people of color. The LA Times meets a conscientious grower,who isn’t worried about a big business takeover.

Rolling Stone and the New York Times agree that this election is a big deal, cannabiswise. But Joe Dolce, former editor of Details Magazine and author of the new book, “ Brave New Weed,” writes that the Times piece is “ poorly reported on so many levels.

LiveScience published its voting guide. Vox explains the state votes.

Some Maine towns are moving to block pot businesses, ahead of the REC vote.

Authorities in The Philippines say they will put more effort into arresting public figures tied to drugs and focus less on slaughtering suspects. A mayor previously accused of ties to drugs was murdered along with nine others at a highway checkpoint. About 2,000 people have been killed in President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs.

Only a narrow plurality of Canadians favor legalizing REC.

Alaska’s first dispensary and testing lab are opening. Cleveland created a one-year moratorium on MED business permits.